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Stationary Docks

Premium Anodized Aluminum Docks

Meet Starr Stationary Docks – the industry heavyweight effortlessly fusing strength and lightweight design. With anodized stringers and dual central supports, these docks outmuscle the competition, boasting unparalleled strength.

Crafted from cool anodized aluminum, Starr’s docks keep their cool, resisting rust, discoloration, and warping that can trouble vinyl and wood. The virtually maintenance-free finish ensures years of enjoyment without the constant upkeep. Opt for longevity, durability, and a hassle-free experience – Starr Stationary Docks bring you the pinnacle of dock excellence!

Available in 3’x10’, 4’x10’, 5’x10’, and 6’x10’ sections with corner wedges to maximize your space on the water. We can also create custom and angled sections.

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Kayak Dock

PWC/Jet Ski Lifts

Discover the ultimate companion for your personal watercraft with Starr PWC/Jet Ski Lifts – a powerhouse of convenience and reliability. With an impressive 1500lb capacity and a spacious 64″ width, these lifts provide the perfect perch for your PWC.

Equipped with a heavy-duty winch featuring a pulley bar design, the lifting process is smooth and efficient. Stainless hardware ensures durability in all conditions. The poly-wrapped extruded bunks add a layer of protection, preventing scratches or damage to your PWC during storage.

Customization is key, and Starr PWC/Jet Ski Lifts offer it in abundance. The 24” legs boast infinite adjustment possibilities, allowing you to set the height exactly to your liking. The package includes bunks, a robust winch, and a 32” wheel for added maneuverability.

For those seeking extra guidance, optional guide-ins are available as an upgrade, ensuring seamless docking every time. Elevate your PWC experience with Starr – where strength, versatility, and ease come together for a worry-free ride on the water.

Kayak Dock