Floating Docks

SIENNA PT 8×20 $5500 8×16 $5100

  • Made from premium 2×6 Sienna PT.
  • Decking and frame.
  • Bumper stripping on 3 sides of the dock
    Billets standard size is 2 feet by 4 feet by 12 inches with a float capacity of 400 pounds each,
    available upgrade to 16-inch billets with a float capacity of 510 pounds each,
    16inch billets with wheels in for easy removal in the fall.
  • Hot dipped galvanized fasteners and hardware, which will never rust.
  • Never suffers from water rot and environmentally friendly.
  • All with my unique easy access inspection hatch, two screws and you have direct access to the chain.

Floating docks are great for deep lakes or lakes with an extreme fluctuation in water level. Floating docks in most instances can be left in the water to freeze with the ice. The ramp needs to be detached from shore and the dock.
As an additional precaution the dock can be spun 180 degrees and secured with a winter anchoring package.



Our innovative design allows the use of a counter balance anchoring system. The main anchor is 500 pounds off set by 175 pounds per corner, making this the only self-adjusting floating dock on the market. Since the dock and secondary anchor automatically adjust there is no need to manually adjust the chain.

Slide in bumper stripping included, available in white, grey and beige

Raindrop decking is UV protective, anti-slip, cool to the touch regardless of temperature and mildew resistant

All aluminum frame with stainless steel hinges and fasteners

Your choice of 12-inch or 16-inch floats, virgin material, core filled, light weight

Docks can be left in the water throughout winter

Great for Commercial, Marina or residential use

Wheels in floats available for easy removal

Available in 2×6 Western Red Cedar and Raindrop decking

Set it and forget it. Maintenance free

This dock will never rust or suffer from water rot

Aluminum Floating Dock Sizes:
4′ X 12′    6′ X 12′  8′ X 12′   
4′ X 16′    6′ X 16′  8′ X 16′ 
4′ X 20′   6′ X 20′  8′ X 20′
8′ X 20′


Our 8’X 20’ floating docks are available made with Western Red Cedar or Sienna Pressure Treated. They allow no wood to touch the water, eliminating water rot and lengthening the life of your dock. Only the polyethylene core filled foam billets remain in the water. To add to the docks longevity and strength we use hot dipped galvanized hardware and fasteners which are less likely to rust and hold stronger and longer than using wood to square up a dock.

This gives our floating dock an 18-inch profile and takes about 3 to 4 inches to float depending on how much weight is on the dock giving about 15 inches of freeboard. All of our floating docks have easy access inspection hatches that make getting to the anchor a snap.


The Sienna PT 8×20 floating dock is a more economical option. This dock uses 2×6 Sienna Pressure Treated framing and 5/4 Sienna Pressure Treated for the decking. It is a long lasting, cost effective option that looks great, but nothing quite compares to the look and smell of Western Red Cedar.
*Bumper stripping additional


To anchor your floating dock, we use 175-pound concrete anchors with a steel loop that the chain runs through. Typically, there are two anchors per outside corner, but more can be added depending on your lake’s conditions. The chain is hot dipped galvanized and will not rust. Floating docks should be hard mounted to shore whether its securing to a rock shore like the Canadian shield, concrete break wall, wooden break wall or in some instances concrete foundation and pouring will be necessary.

Floating Wood Dock Sizes: Standard size is 8′x 20′ additional sizes are 10′x 20′ and 6′x 20′,  custom sizes available


Solar lights



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