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Marine Railways

Marine railways are perfect for getting your boat completely out of the water and away from high wave action or to clean the hull of your boat. Steel carriage, with your choice of aluminum or steel tracks for boats from 1500 pounds to 6000 pounds.

Full length carpeted bunks.

20 foot reinforced track sections for extra stability and strength over large voids.

Adjustable "A" stands.

Electric motor and remote control as options.

Two way motor allows carriage to be pulled to the water and pulled out of the water, this is perfect for flat or ground with little grade.

Wet slips available for boats from 2000 pounds to 6000 pounds.

Roller ramps available for lighter boats and pwc's.

Available in 12', 16' and 20' lengths.

Options of manual or electric winch.

Available in single, double rollers and "A" stand supports.

Installing marine railways throughout all the lakes in Ontario.

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Marine Railway

Marine Railway

Marine Railway


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