Boat & PWC Hoists

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Boat Hoists

With one of our aluminum boat lifts you’ll be able to keep your boat out of the water when not in use. Our lightweight aluminum boat lifts are perfect in shallow or deep water and on calm bays or windy lakes. They are ideal for boats on lakes with fluctuating water levels. Storing your boat in the water can cause lower unit wear but with a boat lift, you won’t have to worry. Boat lifts help to maintain the appearance of your boat keeping it as pristine as possible.

We’ll work with you to create a custom solution to fit your needs, your shoreline, and your preferences because each shoreline and client have unique needs. We can create custom solutions with docks and hoists or we can add a hoist to your existing dock.

Our Aluminum Boat Lifts:
  • Accommodate boats from 500 pounds to 7000 pounds
  • Have a lift height of 66” with an additional 24” available, keeping your boat out of the roughest waves
  • Feature stainless steel adjuster pins for easy leveling
  • Have telescopic legs to allow for perfect leveling no matter the lake bed
  • Come with stainless steel cables and Delrin bushings and pulleys
  • Feature adjustable bunks & load guides
  • Full-length aluminum bunks with soft cushioned padding to caress your boat
Boat Lift Options:
  • Wet slips available for boats from 2000 pounds to 6000 pounds
  • Manual or electric winch
  • Select models feature motor stops for perfect positioning every time
  • Hydraulic models operate on a 12-volt system, include a remote control for ease of use, are quiet and efficient and do not require electricity to your dock
  • Available in vertical and scissor style
  • Specialty Bunks available – Inboard ski bunks, Pontoon bunks
Optional Accessories:
  • Canopy and Frame to keep your boat covered to protect your boat from harmful UV Rays and bird droppings
  • Coverslips are available in a variety of colors
  • Motor – 110 AC or Solar DC

Personal Watercraft Hoists

Leaving your PWC in the water can cause wear and tear on the bottom as well as additional damage from bumping up against the dock. Installing one of our PWC Hoists will let you raise and lower your light craft without strain or damage. With our PWC lifts, simply crank your watercraft out of harm’s way to keep your PWC high and dry when not in use.

All models offer the benefits of all-aluminum construction – low weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, stainless cable, adjustable base pads for level installation, durable Delrin bushings and stainless bolts, and adjustable full-length aluminum bunks with soft cushioned padding to caress your PWC.

PWC Lift Options:
  • 360-degree bunk rotation allowing you to rotate your PWC safely over the dock to perform simple maintenance.
  • Electric Winch
  • Available in scissor or vertical lift

We install boat and PWC hoists throughout all of Ontario and expanding.