Pipe & Tower Docks

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Aluminum framed Pipe and Tower docks have become one of the most popular dock options for waterfront properties in Ontario. From docking your boat to creating an idyllic outdoor living space to enjoy your morning coffee, our aluminum pipe and tower docks can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Benefits of Aluminum framed docks over wooden framed docks:
  • They are much lighter than wood dock frames making them easier to install in the spring and remove in the fall.
  • The sun and water do not damage them.
  • Aluminum does not rust and will last a lifetime.
  • Add standard sized sections to build a custom size and shape to suit your needs.
  • All of our truss style docks are made from high-grade aluminum with high-grade fasteners which gives the dock an exceptional strength to weight ratio.
  • Pipe and Tower Docks can be easily configured or combined to fit any shoreline and water level. We’ll help you design a solution to fit your unique shoreline and personal tastes and come up with a dock plan to fit your exact needs.
  • Aluminum frame docks are stronger because the joints are welded together at the seams instead of being screwed together as with wood frame docks.

Pipe Docks

Our aluminum truss style pipe docks are great up to 8 feet of water depth.
They can be purchased with no decking, 2×6 Western Red Cedar or Rain Drop in decking with our unique interlocking system.

Our pipe docks are available in standard sizes:

4’ x 8’   4’ x 12’   4’ x 16’
6’ x 8’   6’ x 12’   6’ x 16’
8’ x 8’   8’ x 12’

Tower Docks

Our aluminum framed tower docks have the same great benefits and features as our pipe docks but also have a hidden tower when the dock is in use that allows for the entire dock to be lifted out of the water for winter storage in one complete section.

Pipe and Tower Dock Accessories Include:
  • 2×8 Western Red Cedar skirt
  • Large “P” and vinyl bumper striping
  • Corner bumpers
  • Triangle filler board to give a boat slip appearance
  • Solar lights
  • Mooring whips
  • Ladders
  • And so much more!

We install pipe docks throughout all lakes, rivers, streams and ponds in Ontario.